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Concertina Fencing

APG FENCING CONTRACTOR Concertina wires is the best way to safeguard your border.

We always ensure super quality fencing products to safeguard the commercial and also residential areas.

APG Fencing Contractor, is one of the top Concertina Wire Manufacturers and also supplies fencing materials.

Why choose us?

  • Customized fencing plans
  • Premium quality products
  • Good quality services
  • High level fencing protection
  • Good quality of concertina wires
  • Easy Installation
  • Experienced Team

Installed in prisons, steel plants, military bases, power plants, international borders, important institutions and also switch yards.

We manufacture, supply and also customize orders according to customer needs. You can trust us completely because we are a years old company with lots of happy and satisfied customers. We never compromise when it comes to quality. In fact all of our products pass through product quality test by controlled experts. It is a one stop destination when it comes to all types of
fencing solutions. Concertina wires can withstand harsh weather and also offer longer life compared to other materials and corrosion resistant also anti-abrasive.


The installation will be at its perfection leaving no space to trespass. We also have the experienced workers to surprise you.

Indeed the two ways to use concertina wires, they are

  • Ground concertina wire fencing
  • Wall top concertina wire fencing

Types Of Concertina Wire Fencing

  • Medium Concertina Barbed Wire
  • Harpoon Concertina Wire
  • MRBT
  • RPBT
  • Ultra Barbed Concertina Wire
  • RBT (Reinforced Barbed Tape )
  • SRBT

For Export , we supply all the Variations of Concertina Razor Wire as covered under Barbed Tape Obstacles .

Concertina Wires are generally of 3 three types ,they are

  1. Galvanized Concertina Wire ( C.r + G.i )
  2. Anti Rust Concertina Wire ( Zal : Aluminium + Powder Coated )
  3. Stainless Steel Concertina Wire ( Grade : 304 Or 3116 )

Concertina wire price will be based on its material, diameter, barb profile etc. Also preferred for extensive security. In fact designed to add an extra security for the property. So without second thoughts you can choose us for safeguarding your boundaries. You can trust us completely with our service.

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