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Barbed Wire Fencing

APG FENCING CONTRACTOR is the best fencing contractor in Chennai. They also provide all types of fencing works and fencing materials. Indeed barbed wire is the best for transport because of its light weight. No need to worry about unauthorized trespassing after installation. Barbed wire fencing protects your boundaries like a weapon. Barbed wires are available in various designs and sizes. Customers can select them according to their needs.

Installed in various places like animal poultry, gardens and also agricultural space. To establish territorial boundaries, military installations, for prison confinement, installation around warehouses and also construction sites. Because these kinds of places need more security. Barbed wire ensures that security for you.

In fact it helps to avoid unwanted intruders and wild animals entering your place. So install and never feel panicked again. It is a one time investment and you will never regret it.

Different Types Of Barbed Wire

  1. Galvanized barbed wire
  2. High tensile barbed wire
  3. Single twist barbed wire
  4. Standard barbed wire
  5. PVC coated barbed wire
  6. Leather barbed wire
  7. Concertina barbed wire

Different Styles Of Barbed Wire Fencing




So customers can select their style according to their needs and plan. Customer satisfied service. 

Our Service

Our fencing skills and neat work by experienced workers is definitely going to surprise you! Even though after the installation if you require maintenance simply contact us and we will provide you the required service.

In fact, high tensile barbed wire fencing remains tight for years and requires only low maintenance. Less amount of posts used for installation. Also razor sharp barbed tape coated!

So if you want to install barbed wire fencing simply contact us without any second thoughts or doubts. Stay safe and feel safe!

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